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Like A Tree Planted by the Waters
Thursday, 6 Oct, 2011 – 0:00 | No Comment
Like A Tree Planted by the Waters

Today’s Readings

Reading I:  Malachi 3:13-20
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 1
Gospel Reading: Luke 11:5-13

The Wicked Rich and the Miserable Just
The problem of the rich and the poor can also be formulated as "why is it …

Prayer and a Centurion’s Faith
Monday, 12 Sep, 2011 – 0:00 | No Comment
Prayer and a Centurion’s Faith

Today’s Readings

Reading I:  1 Timothy 2:1-8
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 28
Gospel Reading: Luke 7:1-10

Prayer for Kings
Paul asks Timothy to tell his constituents to pray for "kings and for all in authority" (v.1). This …

(Sunday XX OT — A) What Great Faith You Have
Saturday, 13 Aug, 2011 – 22:00 | No Comment
(Sunday XX OT — A) What Great Faith You Have

Today’s Readings

Reading I:  Isaiah 56:1.6-7
Responsorial Psalm:  Psalm 67
Reading II: Romans 11:13-15.29-32
Gospel Reading: Matthew 15:21-28

The story about the Canaanite woman can be taken in two ways.  In the Catechism it is …

Your Father Who Sees in Secret (Mt. 6:1-6.16-18)
Wednesday, 16 Jun, 2010 – 0:00 | No Comment
Your Father Who Sees in Secret (Mt. 6:1-6.16-18)

Reading I: 2 Kings 2:1.6-14
Resp. Psalm: Psalm 31
Gospel Reading: Matthew 6:1-6.16-18

In Matthew 6:1-6.16-18 Jesus tells his listeners how to have a spirituality that is higher than that of the Pharisees …

God Listens
Wednesday, 3 Jun, 2009 – 8:00 | No Comment
God Listens

Once more we find ourselves before a liturgical text that presents selections from Tobit 3:1-17; the liturgical text omits a part of the prayer of Sara (vv. 12-15) not because it is unimportant but because …