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The Harvest
Tuesday, 23 Nov, 2010 – 0:00 | One Comment
The Harvest

Reading I:  Revelation 14:14-19
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 96:10,13
Gospel Reading: Luke 21:5-11

The Son of Man and the Harvest
Revelation 14:14-19 is a transition scene that prepares for the judgment scene that follows in Rev. 15-16 which prepares for …

The Widow’s Mite
Monday, 22 Nov, 2010 – 0:00 | No Comment
The Widow’s Mite

Reading I:  Revelation 14:1-3,4b-5
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 24:1bc-2, 3-4ab, 5-6
Gospel Reading: Luke 21:1-4

The Widow’s Mite
In today’s gospel reading, Jesus weighs all the contributions given to the Temple and declares that it was the widow’s mite, which …

The Resurrection
Saturday, 20 Nov, 2010 – 0:00 | No Comment
The Resurrection

Reading I:  Revelation 11:4-12
Responsorial Psalm: Psalm 144:1,9-10
Gospel Reading: Luke 20:27-40

The Debate on the Resurrection
The Sadducees did not believe in the Resurrection of the Dead and they use an argument intended …

The Tree of Life
Saturday, 29 Nov, 2008 – 0:00 | No Comment
The Tree of Life

Reading I: Revelation 22:1-7
Resp. Psalm: Psalm 95:1-2,6-7ab
Gospel Reading: Luke 21:34-36

The last page of the Apocalypse leaves us with the memory of five things:

the river of life-giving water
the tree of life
the …

The Sea of Glass
Wednesday, 26 Nov, 2008 – 0:00 | No Comment
The Sea of Glass

Reading I: Revelation 15:1-14
Resp. Psalm:  Psalm 98:1,9
Gospel Reading:  Luke 21:12-19

The image of the sea purified and turned into glass or becomes crystalline is an image of the Primordial Sea, the Enemy of God, …

The White Garment and a Victory Dinner
Tuesday, 18 Nov, 2008 – 0:00 | No Comment
The White Garment and a Victory Dinner

Reading I: Revelation 3:1-6,14-22
Resp. Psalm: Psalm 15:2-3,5
Gospel Reading:  Luke 19:1-10


The selection from the cover letters to Sardis and Laodicea are now presented.  The selection from the letter to Laodicea is well-known, especially because of the …