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Articles Archive for 19 August 2011

(Sunday XXI OT — A) The Keys of the Kingdom
Friday, 19 Aug, 2011 – 22:00 | No Comment
(Sunday XXI OT — A) The Keys of the Kingdom

The choice of the Old Testament reading was dictated by Jesus’ statement in the gospel selection regarding the "keys of the kingdom" that he gives to Peter, the Rock. The OT background for this emblem is that of the keys of the mayordomo of the king’s palace.

St. Ezekiel Moreno
Friday, 19 Aug, 2011 – 0:00 | No Comment
St. Ezekiel Moreno

Ezekiel Moreno was born in the city of Alfaro, Spain, on 9 April 1848, of poor but committed Christian parents. His early years were seemingly ordinary and uneventful ones in which Ezekiel came to be remembered as an obedient son, a loving brother, a good companion to his friends, and a diligent student. Following the example of an older brother, he entered the Recollect Congregation of the Augustinian Order in Monteagudo in 1864.

Ruth and Hesed
Friday, 19 Aug, 2011 – 0:00 | One Comment
Ruth and Hesed

We read the book of Ruth today and tomorrow. The book became important because of the final genealogy which connects the son of Ruth and Boaz, Obed, to King David. But apart from that it is also the story of how a Moabitess becomes part of the family of Israel. Matthew remembers Ruth and Boaz in his genealogy of Jesus Christ, the Messiah.