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The Seeds Sown in the Field

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Sower 02

The Parable of the Sower and the Seed is probably one of the more well-known parables of Jesus. The selection from Matthew 13:1-9 allows us to consider the parable in itself, apart from the context in which Matthew has placed it. The following elements are noticeable:

  1. the generosity of the sower in throwing the seeds; he does not choose where they should fall
  2. those which fall by the wayside are immediately taken up by the birds;
  3. those which fall on shallow ground grow quickly but because of the shallowness, they dry up immediately
  4. those which fall on the weeds do not grow into maturity and are not able to bear fruit; the weeds choke them
  5. those that fall on good soil grow up to maturity and they bear fruit.

In the version found in Mark, the sower is identified. Here Matthew does not identify the sower since his interest is in the seeds. Only those which fall on the good soil bear fruit. In John 15, we are told that bearing fruit is what brings glory to the Father. In Matthew, as well as in Mark, the different kinds of soils are associated with different kinds of hearers. In Matthew, the soil by the pathway (the pilapil in Tagalog, are denounced as those who look but would not see, those who listen but would not understand because their hearts have become gross due to disobedience. The two other kinds of soil represent those listeners who have shallow faith and are concerned about worldly things, respectively. They grow but never to maturity, and fail to bear fruit. Those, instead, who represent the good soil are those who not only listen but who obey the will of the Father. In yesterday’s reading, these are the members of the family of Jesus. They are those who have been born from above, and who have become children of God not by the will of men, nor by the desire of the flesh, but by the will of God.

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Matthew 13:1-9
View in: NAB NIV KJV NJB Vulg Greek
1The same day Jesus going out of the house, sat by the sea side.
2And great multitudes were gathered unto him, so that he went up into a boat and sat: and all the multitude stood on the shore.
3And he spoke to them many things in parables, saying: Behold the sower went forth to sow.
4And whilst he soweth some fell by the way side, and the birds of the air came and ate them up.
5And other some fell upon stony ground, where they had not much earth: and they sprung up immediately, because they had no deepness of earth.
6And when the sun was up they were scorched: and because they had not root, they withered away.
7And others fell among thorns: and the thorns grew up and choked them.
8And others fell upon good ground: and they brought forth fruit, some an hundredfold, some sixtyfold, and some thirtyfold.
9He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

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