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Keating vs. Ventilacion

Submitted by on Saturday, 18 September 2010No Comment
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The video is the last part of a series of videos showing the Keating (Catholic) vs. Ventilacion (Iglesya ni Manalo) debates on the question as to whether the Catholic Church is the only true Church according to Scriptures and that the Iglesya ni Cristo which appeared in the Philippines in 1914 is the true Church according to Scriptures. For the first, Ventilacion is on the negative, Keating on the positive; for the second, Keating on the negative, and Ventilacion on the positive. While the Iglesya ni Cristo would claim that Ventilacion won the debate, this video shows that the final decision of the judge is in favor of Keating’s side.

The debate occurred around the 1990’s and two articles from “This Rock” mentions it. The first is a report of Karl Keating himself about what transpired during the debate, and another one is by Patrick Madrid about a visit he made to the Iglesya ni Cristo offices in preparation for the 1995 World Youth Day.

There are about 20 Youtube videos that record the debate, all uploaded by an Iglesya ni Cristo member. You find the first one here, the rest will be automatically presented by Youtube. This last video is presented here because the INC of Manalo uploaded videos do give the impression that Ventilacion won the debate because these omit the concluding part.

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