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The Israelites reach Sinai and now are told to prepare for their meeting with the Lord. This event prepares for the giving of the Law in Exodus 20. Below are some things about Mount Sinai.

The traditional location of Sinai places it in the peninsula of Sinai, which is a triangular piece of land about 260 mi N-S at about 150 mi wide at the N, lying between the Gulf of Suez and the Gulf of the Aqaba. A belt of sand about 15 mi wide stretches across the N; a rocky plateau then rises through a distance of 150 mi through the N and central part of the peninsula to the granite mountain chain of the S. The entire peninsula is extremely arid desert; outside of a few oases there is practically no vegetation, and communications are difficult. The mountain chain rises to 8000 ft. at its highest; Jebel Musa (‘mountain of Moses’) the traditional scene of the events of Ex-Nm, is about 7500 ft high. The desert of Sinai is usually identified with the plain er-Raha, which lies at the foot of Ras es-Safsafeh near Jebel Musa. The steep and bare red granite peaks in the vast desert form indeed an awesome scene of stark grandeur, and the identification is attractive to the imagination; but it cannot be regarded as certainly established.
“Sinai” in McKenzie, Dictionary of the Bible, pp. 821-822


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