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 The incident of the Manna in the desert was provoked by the murmurring of the Israelites.  “Manna” means “What is it?”, the question that the Israelites asked when they saw “fine flakes like hoarfrost” on the ground.  Moses gave it a name.  He said:  “This is the bread which the Lord has given you to eat.”  Cultic celebrations of the event call “manna” “heavenly bread” and “bread of angels” (see the day’s responsorial psalm, Psalm 78)

The original datum appears to be a sweet resinuous substance which is exuded from a desert tree known as the tamarix mannifera as well as by two or three desert shrubs. The tree exudes the substance when it is punctured by the insect Gossyparia mannipara. It is edible but appears only in small quantities and has none of the other properties attributed to manna.
Manna” in Mckenzie, Dictionary of the Bible, p. 541

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