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To Wait for the Lord

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Advent Year B usually comes up with a gospel selection that summarizes the three or four last Sundays of the previous liturgical year which highlight the Church’s duty to wait for the Lord by doing the task assigned to her. Below is a sentence flow of Mark 13:33-37, the first Sunday of Advent’s offering this year. Click on the image for a larger look


Relevant pages from the Bible Workshop for the first Sunday are found below:

Cerezo has a nice illustration for the Sunday gospel. It shows three persons waiting for someone outside of a house. Two verbs from the gospel selection are shown here: "agrupneite", which is to stay awake in the fields and "gregoreite", literally, to keep watch. Two people are awake while a third one is asleep. A close look at the illustration shows that the second image of the sleeping guy has been superimposed on that of the two who are waiting. To be seen in this latter is a lamb that lies to one side. It is a lamp that has lost the gas it used to contain. The intent of the author is to contrast the two groups of people. The image in its totality actually evokes the gospel readings about the virgins who wait for the bridegroom and the servants who do their jobs while one did not.

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