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Trust In The Lord

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  • Reading IPhilippians 2:1-4
  • Resp. Psalm:  Psalm 131:1,2-3
  • Gospel Reading: Luke 14:12-14


Psalm 131 is a very short psalm that lends itself easily to analysis and interpretation.  Take note of the following types of parallelism

1.  Synonimous parallels

2.  Incomplete synonimous parallels

3.  Climactic parallel


It is identified as a song of ascents; it is a song pilgrims sing as they make their way up to Jerusalem.  It begins with a declaration of humility, of one who as he approaches the dwelling of the Most High, lowers himself before Divine majesty.  The following incomplete parallel lines are synonimous with the preceding.  Both these verses are a declaration of the psalmist’s humility, with the second pair of lines referring to his preoccupations.  He busies himself with what is "tamang-tama" to his state of life.  The Hebrew "tam" (related to the Tagalog word "tama") is not about mediocrity, but about what is just and right.  The psalmist does not overreach his capacities, like Nimrod who raises his arrows towards the heavens.

The third parallel is climactic.  The psalmist’s "soul", his nephesh, a synonym for "desire" is calmed down, hushed on the mother’s lap.  The psalmist’s "I" is quieted and can allow itself to be carried trustingly.  The psalm ends with an acclamation:  to hope in the Lord.  Like the child who sleeps trustingly, so Israel is also invited to put its trust in God and so to experience the peace that envelopes a sleeping babe.

Philippians 2:1-4
View in: NAB NIV KJV NJB Vulg Greek
1If there be therefore any consolation in Christ, if any comfort of charity, if any society of the spirit, if any bowels of commiseration:
2Fulfill ye my joy, that you may be of one mind, having the same charity, being of one accord, agreeing in sentiment.
3Let nothing be done through contention, neither by vain glory: but in humility, let each esteem others better than themselves:
4Each one not considering the things that are his own, but those that are other men's.
Psalm 131:1,2-3
View in: NAB NIV KJV NJB Vulg LXX Hebrew
1Lord, my heart is not exalted: nor are my eyes lofty. Neither have I walked in great matters, nor in wonderful things above me.
2If I was not humbly minded, but exalted my soul: As a child that is weaned is towards his mother, so reward in my soul.
3Let Israel hope in the Lord, from henceforth now and for ever.
Luke 14:12-14
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12And he said to him also that had invited him: When thou makest a dinner or a supper, call not thy friends, nor thy brethren, nor thy kinsmen, nor thy neighbours who are rich; lest perhaps they also invite thee again, and a recompense be made to thee.
13But when thou makest a feast, call the poor, the maimed, the lame, and the blind;
14And thou shalt be blessed, because they have not wherewith to make thee recompense: for recompense shall be made thee at the resurrection of the just.

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