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Sentence Flows: References from the Web

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The habit of studying the text using a diagramming method called "The Sentence Flow" is not my creation. Actually, I saw my first sentence flow on the note handouts of one of our seminarians. It was a diagram that looked similar to the ones used by some professors from the Biblicum to illustrate structuralist exegesis. I am recommending it in our Bible study sessions and have written about it in some of the blogs here.

I did a search on the web using the key word "Sentence Flow" and found the following:

Information Flow: Sentence structure & Importance
An article on grammar and syntax that shows how "the same combination of facts can be ‘packaged’ in sentences". Specifically it illustrates how clauses work in a sentence. The article is illustrated and can be of help in the way we create our sentence flows.
Logically Flowing Sentences
An article designed for aspiring writers and explains how sentences are logically connected one to another. The article is heavily illustrated and very helpful for fine-tuning your analysis of sentence flows.
Sentence Diagramming: Block or Sentence Flow Diagrams
This tutorial was designed for helping users of the Bible Logos software to make sentence diagrams/sentence flows with the software. You don’t have to buy the software. All you need to do here is to watch the videos that show how sentence flows are made. You would notice that the procedure is similar to the one we are already doing. You can perform the same operations here with any Word application. But the method of manually copying the text and breaking it down is still the best: it helps the memory.
Struggling with Bible Study? Make A Sentence Flow
This explanation of what a Sentence Flow is comes from Heath Cross. What he writes about here is similar to what we’ve been discussing about Sentence Flows. The author explains how you do sentence flows using a Word application, something that I would dissuade you from doing. Handwriting helps the memory.
Bible Arcing
In the blog mentioned above, Heath Cross mentions a method of Biblical exegesis called "Bible Arcing." The procedure is similar to what we’ve been doing with sentence flows except that here, "arcs" (curved lines connecting one phrase with another) are used. Go to the link above and see the online Bible arcing facility. You will need the Quicktime player to see the video on the index page. But even without the video tutorial, one can still the other more useful parts of the website.   For an illustration of the idea of Bible arcing, click on the image below.



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